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What People Say About Crystal Clear Inner Vision

I first met Crystal when I attended a retreat this past October for my birthday. Immediately when I met her, I knew that there was something really special about her energy and so I knew I had to work with her. I booked my hypnotherapy session about a month ago, and the word that comes to mind to describe it is transformative. I knew there were things that I needed to work on both personally and professionally to get to the next level and she helped me do that and so I just want to say if you were thinking about it at least book the consultation. You will not regret it. This year is about forward movement, abundance, beauty, and if you want to tap into more of that or any of that please go ahead and book your session with Crystal.  You will not regret it.  She is amazing, and I am so, so, so grateful to her and her gifts. 

 Tiffany D., Baltimore MD

Crystal is a careful listener who transforms what she hears into a narrative that is affirming and inspirational. She is masterful at distilling big ideas into meaningful next steps steps and expanding small ideas into visions and dreams. I left her session with a recording that is so rich in nuance that I hear something new each time. Her message is spot on, and her voice is music.  Crystal is a sophisticated wellness coach who brings a wisdom and generous spirit to her clients. I highly recommend her for anyone ready for new beginnings.

Jackie G,, Setauket NY

OMG yeeeeeessssss!!!  I will be listening to my personalized audio recording often throughout my day... I'm calling it "My Cheerleading Meditation!!  Crystal is truly a divine goddess, walking in and expressing her powerful radiance and beautifully executing her powerful passion and purpose on this earth. How fortunate I am to know her and to call her my sister!  Her voice was gifted to her by the angelic realm and is the perfect instrument for this blessed work.  She masterfully captured and recreated a piece of my soul journey and locked it down in time as a powerful tool I can use over and over again to help me on my journey to release and healing.  Ase Queen

Marcy G., Port Jefferson NY

It's so easy to forget who we are when we look at ourselves through screens built from past experiences.  Working with Crystal, we cleared away those burdensome thoughts.  I am now living and working with purpose and a joy that we all deserve to have.

Catherine C., Port Jefferson NY

I have been to four therapists in my life, but none were able to help me the way Crystal has. She made sure to note what were my concerns and what I wanted to work on. She created a peaceful and comfortable environment that made it easy to share things with her that have always been hard for me to speak on. The audio she sent me after our session helps so much as well! It truly reminds me every day how far I have come and how much further I have to go in this journey of healing. After one session I felt so much weight lifted and even a month after our session I feel so great about myself. I am able to continue this journey of healing and self-love and Crystal helped me start this journey. I will definitely be booking more sessions because my journey is not over!

Maria G., Queens NY


My session with Crystal was transformative. I never would have imagined what was stopping me from gaining more abundance in my life. For all my life I struggled with money and keeping it. It seemed no matter how much I had; I would find some way to lose it. I was terrible with it. After my session with her, the most of amazing things started happening I noticed more sales and more growth in my business. This wasn’t a year later. This started happening instantly. Not only that, I look at money COMPLETELY different. I no longer feel like a slave to money or like it only brings more problems into my life. I realize money helps me help more people and have more experiences. I now spend money with 0 fear. Because of Crystal, I know the money I spend makes me more money in the immediate future. I know this because I have proof of it.
Deron S., Atlanta GA


As a woman who has been through her fair share of trauma and adversity, I have spent years investing in my mental health. Meeting Coach Crystal came at a time when I didn't think another "coach" could help me do anything that other coaches hadn't promised at the expense of my struggling life and dime that didn't pan out. I almost passed up this rare opportunity to work with Crystal, but I am so glad that I didn't. Initially our focus was to work through SMART Goals in my life, but after a few sessions Crystal gave me her honesty but also access to something far greater than I have ever experienced. After having gone to therapist after therapist working through and dredging up trauma only to have to sit in it, I felt like Crystal understood what most could never comprehend because it was just as stuck within me as I was stuck. I cannot even describe what that first session of RTT did for me.  I can tell the difference with each passing day and could see tangible results after just one session. The experience of healing is far too vast for words, but I am finally UNSTUCK! My inner child has been healed; I am able to truly walk in who I am fully! Friends and family can also tell the difference. Coach Crys is a woman like I have never met in my life before, her insight, her heart, her skills and her expertise. It is one thing to talk about helping people but to truly have the tools to help people and walk that out not for the sole purpose of monetary gain, but to see people be their best selves is something I truly admire and that is who Crystal is.

Kenyatta M., Raleigh NC

With Crystal, the impetus comes from love; her energy is open to help and to heal. Both gentle and patient, Crystal took her time getting to the root of the aspects I wanted to work on, those that were affecting me the most. Because she did so, I felt safe and was able to release false beliefs and self-doubts from past traumas. Honest and transparent, there is only healing and love during, before, and after my sessions with Crystal. I felt witnessed, held, safe, expansive, and Goddess-like in her care. The sessions were personally curated, thoughtful, unrushed, and done with genuine desire to help other women expand and walk in their most authentic selves.
Lexie J., Bridgeport CT


It's been almost 2 months since my RTT session, and I am impressed with myself and the progress that I've made. I see with so much clarity and how my thinking perspective is from a whole and healed place. I literally can see the shift from where I was to where I am now. I am free, confident and at peace with myself in whatever steps I decide to take. I am truly grateful for Crystal and this technique which had immediate results. I know that I have arrived. Crystal is a wonderful guide of transformation, and I would recommend her services time and time again. I'm sure you will be just as amazed as I was. Mission accomplished.
Rene D., Freeport NY

Thank you so much Crystal for taking the time to help me remove previous trauma with amazing RTT technique and tools. I feel so much different in my body and my soul. I now connect to my Self again. I feel sooooo goooood and feel so amazing to live free from of the unknown. You took your time to work with me and follow up and support me. I deeply and truly appreciated and am grateful for your love and passion to help me with your true heart. You are a blessing!!! I know that you can help many more people that are now waiting for you in this world. Love and Light.

Orn F., San Francisco CA

What CCIV Offers

Crystal Clear Inner Vision offers Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions in person and remotely through Zoom.


Our office is located in Port Jefferson, New York (Long Island). Each session is customized to your unique intentions to bring about immediate transformation and provide you with the tools you need to reach and sustain your goals.

For more information, click CONTACT below to request a


The Discovery call is a free consultation. 


Twenty minutes of uninterrupted time to:

* Address your questions and concerns

* Briefly discuss your needs

* Go over plan options and pricing

* Determine the best plan to meet your needs

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