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I am Crystal Staley Phillips and I accomplished more in 90 minutes than I did in a decade of traditional talk therapy. That is my testimonial. RTT works.

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About Me

Crystal Staley-Phillips is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Health & Wellness Coach. She studied RTT with Marisa Peer and received her Health & Wellness Coaching Certification from the Institute of Integral Nutrition.

"Coming from a good family surrounded by love and support, no one, not even I could understand why I did not feel loved and supported. I appeared confident, but my actions, behavior and interactions with others said something entirely different. With a tendency to hide, disappear and abruptly cancel plans with friends and family or simply not show up, my behavior led some to believe that I was rude, insensitive, and simply did not care to engage.

​This behavior continued for two decades, marked by self-destructive behavior and poor life choices. It cost me valued friendships, coveted jobs, love relationships, and placed a strain on family ties. My life choices supported the need to hide, and I had no idea why or how to change. Further, it kept me from pursuing my life’s passions and deterred me from fulfilling my greatest dreams.

​After years of talk therapy, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and rehashing the incidents and episodes that I could recall, I was frustrated, fed up, and hopeless. Make no mistake, there were accomplishments along the way. But things are not always as they seem. I have always believed that these accomplishments were not my own and that I had the honor of enjoying them purely by the grace of a merciful God. No sense of value. No sense of self-worth. No sense of belonging and no appreciation for what I brought to the table. I had mastered the art of pretending while suffering in silence. Showing up just enough to be effective. At the end of the day, retreating to my solitude and pain to secretly self-medicate.

​I say all of this to say, RTT works!!! One 90-minute session revealed to me memories that were hidden in my subconscious. These incidents caused me to form limiting beliefs about myself… beliefs that kept me small, bound, and safe. Although my mind was protecting me, I felt trapped and stuck, unable to heal or get beyond the thoughts and feelings that held me back and kept me from showing up; unable to see myself as valuable and whole, having no conscionable idea why.

​Then I stumbled on a method of practice called Rapid Transformational Therapy. It was swift, seamless, profoundly effective, and dramatically cost-effective compared to years of talk therapy and medication. This is not a slight against traditional therapy. In fact, traditional therapists and even physicians are becoming certified in RTT to help facilitate transformation for their clients.  RTT works because the mind simply will not go to certain places in its fully conscious state. The mind will avoid these places because the memories are hidden to protect us from pain. RTT made it possible for me to view incidents from my past without re-living the pain and trauma, reframe the past situations, and take my power back.

I am a believer. RTT has changed my life forever. If you are stuck and suffering, I am living proof that better is available and better can be yours."

Crystal Staley-Phillips

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